Monday, November 26, 2007

What is a traitor?

IN the olden golden days, a traitor was defined as one who fought for the enemy against his own country or one who aided or gave comfort to the enemy.

We don't use the word 'traitor' or 'treason' these days, mostly because about half our politicians and almost all our journalists could be defined as having given aid and comfort to the enemy.

Heck, even our movie producers are doing that. All those new anti-war movies coming out of Hollywood, the ones nobody in this country is watching, will all be widely viewed in Islamic countries as proof of our perfidy and evil. Brian de Palma can't even get his dreadful 'Redacted' movie anywhere near $100,000 in its first weekend (and his financier, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, will lose some bucks on this one), but I guarantee it will make millions overseas. Perhaps Cuban and de Palma knew this and were betting on it.

If so, that makes the owner of the Dallas Mavericks a traitor to his country. Seriously. A hundred years ago he'd have been hanged.

And of course many a nation in this world still executes traitors, albeit not many Western nations.

'Uggo' Chavez's regime would not hesitate to execute a traitor.

That's why this is important.

Chavez has publicly stated that anyone who votes against his reforms is a traitor. That means 'enemy of the state' of Venezuela. He's declaring that opposition to him is equivalent to joining in war against the nation.

By implication he is threatening to execute those who oppose him, even down to individual voters.

He may not have said those exact words, but use of the word 'traitor' is plenty clear enough to Venezuelans.

Only useful idiots like Sean Penn don't see this stuff for what it is-- or perhaps they do, and thus are not just stupid but actually true believers in leftism and all it represents, all the subjugation and fear and death and misery and poverty and starvation and yes, torture.

You know, forgetting the subsequent demonizing of the McCarthy hearings, there's a reason they happened in the first place; showbiz was actually riddled with leftists and communists.

Clearly it still is.

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