Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pat Robertson and Rudy

So the old zombie of Christian conservative politics staggers up from the grave again, to inflict its viewpoint on the great confused....

Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy, calling him the best man for the job, etc.

But for this to mean something, Pat would have had to specifically outline the complaints that were bound to be generated (as in, this man is NOT pro life, other candidates are, that's important to Christian voters, why do you endorse Rudy with this hanging over him?).

Robertson is, in my view, too addled to even contemplate such a task.

He's just trying to stay in the spotlight, long past his time.

When they're Dems, why these people are statesmen whose experience benefits the party.

And when they're repubs, why they are elderly and forgetful and the nation shouldn't be held hostage by men who are no longer capable of doing the job of lawmaker or opinion leader.....

When they're Christian conservatives, respect for the past makes fools in the present, apparently. Robertson is now out of his league and needs to retire.

Rudy got a mixed blessing, for sure.

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