Monday, November 12, 2007

Erekat out of the bag

Saeb Erekat, negotiator for Palestinians, says the Annapolis conference will last one day.

He says under no circumstances will Palestinians accept a Jewish state of Israel.

Ehud Olmert, Israeli prime minister, says in turn that Palestinian acceptance of a Jewish state is a precondition to Israel's assistance in creation of a Palestinian state.

I do believe Erekat on both counts; the Palestinians will never accept a Jewish state of Israel, and it will be a short conference.

Erekat claims there are no countries in the world in which religious and national identities are intertwined. But even if that's true, why should such an intertwining be forbidden?

And somebody needs to inform the Iranian mullahcracy that there are no countries with intertwined religious and national identities; they'll be shocked, shocked I tell you.

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