Friday, November 2, 2007

Waterboarding and Michael Mukasey

UPDATE: again, no link (I'm so sloppy), but AP is reporting that N.Y. Democrat Senator Chuck Schemer has said he will vote in favor of Mukasey's nomination going to the Senate floor, and under this circumstance Mukasey will probably be confirmed.

Schemer was really hamstrung here, having spoken for Mukasey and assured Bush that this nomination would have no problems. He was pretty much high and dry, his fellow Dems having gone moonbat over waterboarding. Always enjoyable to see the leftist leadership twisting in the wind because of excess leftist influence in the party.


Today it's in the news. Leaky Leahy is going to vote against Mukasey's nomination coming out of committee.

Well, it's HIS committee, and this means the nomination probably won't come out, period, and our Justice Department will continue limping along without a leader.

Remember, President Bush decided NOT to nominate Ted Olson, because Schumer and other Dems told him they'd put up a big long fight over it. He picked Mukasey instead, because Schumer liked him and supported him.

End result of changing your nominee to get along with Democrats and avoid a fight?

A fight.

When will our side ever learn that they are simply not acting out of goodwill and they will not go along with you, even if you move their way and do what they ask?

The whole thing is over waterboarding. Specifically, the Dems want Mukasey to admit that waterboarding is torture, so they can be prepared to make moves in the future to have it banned.

Put a man under water and push a board down on top of him, to make him believe he will drown. That's waterboarding.

Our own soldiers and intelligence agents go through it for training purposes. Does the Dem insistence on torture mean that our trainers are torturing our own agents and soldiers?

Uh, no. That's just stupid.

Waterboarding does no permanent harm, inflicts no bodily damage, and causes no pain. No thumbnails are pulled out, no sexual organs are sliced off, no hot pokers are inserted into eyeballs, no electrical wires deliver high voltage to testicles, and no mutilation permanently scars the victims of the evil waterboarding.


It is aggressive interrogation. And it works. Countless lives have been saved because Khalid Sheik Mohammed was waterboarded, gave in to his fear, and told our guys everything.

Dems want to take away all options, to make it impossible for our guys to carry out an effective interrogation. I can only speculate on why they have set themselves this way, and that is for another post, but one thing is certain; they cannot be trusted to be in charge of the security of this country.

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