Saturday, November 10, 2007

Note to Michael Scheuer


Take a gander at the first comment beneath this post, and see for yourself the level of intellect, love of reason and respect for the dignity of discourse which marks the pro-jihadi pro-Scheuer side of this discussion.


Correct me if I'm wrong.

China, India, the far east in general, and Buddhism in particular, are not known for their irrational support of the Zionist state.

Nor are Buddhists, practitioners of the ultimate "religion of peace", known for militant or violent assaults on ANYTHING or ANYONE.

So why, pray tell, are Jihadis so intent on destroying symbols of Buddhism?

Could it be that radical Islam is a fierce and unrelenting ideology that is intent on subjugating the entire world, and that any religion at all (including no religion, agnosticism and atheism) other than Islam is unacceptable and a target?

From down here in Texas, that's how it looks to me. But then I didn't go to college in Manitoba, so I'm just not as worldly as Michael Scheuer.


abraham said...

Hey, you are a dhimmiwitted frog. I'm going to kick your ass and take up with your wife.

Go suckle a bull dick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, abraham could kick Dave's ass just like the Syrians, Jordanians and Egyptians did to Israel back in '67.

Retards like abraham can't make an argument so it's enough just to hurl insults worthy of a fourth-grader.
But, judging by abraham's website, that's about where his intellectual development stalled out. It's a cesspool of ignorant anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. Oh, and he supports terrorism.