Tuesday, November 20, 2007

almost ten times the average....

Atlas links to this story today, an amazing look at the problems brought to modern society by Islamic culture.

Pakistanis give birth to a large number of children with recessive disorders, birth defects caused by intermarriage in families. Their average is almost ten times the British national average of 3.4%.

The story goes on to say estimates show that over half of Pakistani marriages are between first cousins.

Remember, Islam is big on family. Tribe is everything. While it is legal in many countries to marry one's cousin, it is generally not prudent. Offspring are not guaranteed to have defects, but the odds are much higher, and higher still in subsequent generations, I believe.

From 3% in the general British population (which includes the Pakistani population, don't forget) to 30% in the Pakistani-only survey. Ten times the national average.

A powerful argument against intermarriage. But not powerful enough to overcome Muslim traditions and biases.

I wonder if anyone is brave enough to undertake a research program on IQ.

Whatever researcher does it, his own IQ is subject to a high speed decrease; brain function diminishes greatly when your head is separated from your body.

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