Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Caterpillar-face speaks

More from the guy with the big woolly bears crawling across his forehead, the Arch-leftist Rowan Williams who has an office down in Canterbury.

I am not the least bit surprised at his comments, but perhaps a bit surprising is that they appear in an interview he gave to a Muslim magazine.

Note the part about what the beneficent British did in India, which he gave as a comparison to what we are doing in Iraq ("quick burst of violent action to clear the decks then move on and let someone else clean it up" is what he says).

Now lets talk FACTS--

First, the British were FORCED to partition India because of the Muslim rioting and violence. Pakistan exists because Muslims rioted it into existence, not because the British were wise and patient caretakers of India. That's a load of crap. They did the expedient thing on their way out the door, to keep the fighting down.

Second, Mr. Bean here seems to have no idea that we've been in Iraq for years building schools and giving vaccinations and building civic infrastructure and saving lives on multiple levels, exactly the kind of loving attention and expenditure of resources he accuses us of NOT making.

I realize it wouldn't help him to read the papers, since those things do not appear in them, but still, His Holiness the Starch Bishop could have a BIT better command of fact before he launches.

Don't forget, too, that the Brits were still in Empire mode during the India partition, having been in India for a very very long time for the sake of spices and tea and resources and glory. They get NO points in today's leftist interpretation of world affairs, because they were EVIL IMPERIALISTS.

Whereas we the Americans are not attempting to procure any territory for any purpose, and the Arch Nemesis even agrees with that in his article, clumsily accusing us of attempting to build an empire of power and influence instead of territory so he can still call us evil imperialists.

All of this is well known fact, and should be treated as such by a well-educated Brit such as our Jerry Garcia lookalike here... but he throws the facts under the double-decker bus and goes with leftist propaganda instead.

As someone said (Mitt I think), this will make you glad the founding fathers wrote an amendment forbidding us from having an official state church. It's not working so well over there in Jolly Olde England.

HT Hugh Hewitt for linking me to this pathetic Dhimmi interview. The fact that it is published in a Muslim magazine proves that the Starch Bishop is literally whining with upturned hands to Muslims "Don't attack ME, I'm on YOUR side, it's the Yanks you hate, not me!" He's buying protection for his church and his person, working to keep his head in these trying times...

A thoroughly disgusting display. If he really believes these things, he's stupid and malevolent. If he does not believe them and is saying them for political effect (not least to make his person safer from attack), he's a Machiavellian weasel. Meanwhile this interview will take its place amongst the lore of the West that is known in Muslim lands, alongside "Redacted" and the many other anti-war movies that get no audience in America but which will make the rounds back east and inflame the Muslims even more. Our Arch-leftist is thus contributing to the violence he deplores, by inflaming young men with lies so that they go and kill, and likely they will try to kill US. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Bean. Blood on your collective hands, you leftist lot.

If he were a real Christian, he'd be speaking of the virtues of the Christian faith in a Muslim magazine, not trashing the United States with fact-free leftist propaganda. Christ calls us to share the good news of His coming, not to be sucking up to Muslims by trashing the American evangelical Christian tradition.

But to Rowan Atkinson over there, we are the worst imperialists in the world.

He might as well gain a couple of hundred pounds and start walking around with a movie camera and a microphone.

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