Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Everyone just assumed...."

Powerline has a wonderful reminder today of just how the 'consensus' on the manmade catastrophic global warming theory is reached.

"Everyone just assumed..." that higher temperatures would lead to more high cloud cover, trapping heat and enhancing the warming effect.

Actual observations of actual warmer areas, over time, yields the opposite reality. Hotter weather makes fewer high clouds, and temperatures bleed off because infrared radiation can exit the atmosphere and carry the heat with it. It isn't reflected back by high clouds that aren't there.

Meanwhile, in a story in yesterday's Dallas Morning News, Al Gore has joined a venture capital firm famous for making billionaires of its members, Kleiner Perkins Canfield and Byers.

He plans to donate 100% of his 'salary' (but none of the proceeds of the far more lucrative stock options) to an environmental group called the Alliance for Climate Protection.

The article does mention, in passing, that it is HIS environmental group. It's a nonprofit, but even those pay salaries.

So he's donating his 'salary' to his OWN nonprofit group, which doubtless pays him a salary.

Flim and Flam.

Why are KPC and B hiring him? They're doing venture capital for 'green' opportunities.

Gore chuckles at this whole development, saying it's one of the benefits of being in the private sector.

Next time some leftist complains that 'the rich get richer', don't forget the saga of Algore.

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