Friday, November 9, 2007

anti-war movies go anti-profit

Here's a very interesting story in today, about the crop of "Iraq war" films and their miserable box office takings. It's linked to today's Drudge Report.

It's interesting in that every excuse in the book is proffered here, save one; the movies express a political viewpoint opposite to that held by the vast majority of their audiences.

To date, there is not ONE SINGLE pro-soldier pro-freedom movie to come out of this conflict. They're all political screeds targeted at Bush. In a way, I appreciate these films; the producers have done us all the favor of providing a metric for anti-war 'support', and the numbers are dismal. Those people are loud, but they are decidely NOT a majority.

Like Homer Simpson said in the Simpsons movie (this paraphrase keeps coming in handy for some reason), only suckers pay to see something in the theatres that they can see on TV for free.

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Anonymous said...

You'd think they'd learn from watching programs like '24' that there's a huge market out there for the movies you're proposing. My take is that a movie about Special Ops in Afghanistan or Iraq with the half-cartoonish/half-seriousness like a 'Top Gun' would make a mint at the box office. Done well with the right actors, of course