Friday, November 9, 2007

Fake Hate Crimes

Here's a short and sweet assessment of today's crime wave-- fake hate crimes, wherein the 'victim' is usually the one who actually did it. Swastikas on school doors, nooses, racial slogans, it seems that everywhere in this country are people so determined to prove that old-fashioned KKK style hatred is worse than ever, they'll happily fake it themselves just to 'draw attention to the issue'.

CREATE the issue is more like it. Even the Jena nooses had nothing to do with race, but with recreating a scene from a western movie.

Almost all these hoaxes happen on college campii. this says an awful lot about decency, morality and honesty-- they are AWOL in most institutions of higher learning, including in the offices of tenured professors.

As Anne Coulter said recently, it isn't racism but racial hoaxism that is endemic to this nation; I wonder if anyone will bother to protest THAT.

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