Friday, November 2, 2007

and then there's Cherie baby...

After watching that previous post's TV clip wherein the little guy with the beard was teaching the young men how to respectfully beat their wives, I was greatly uplifted to find this.

Cherie Blair, wife of former Brit PM Tony, has made a public appearance and said that the bit about beating your wife is NOT in the Koran.

Well thank goodness. That TV clip had me all worried that Muslims might think all the wife-beating they're doing is called for by the Koran.

Oh, wait. Read further down in the article about Cherie baby and you'll see that she's wrong, that wife-beating IS called for in the Koran.

Darn it. How are we supposed to make Islam all rosy and acceptable when its own book keeps agreeing with the fundamentalists?

We'll just have to ignore it. Say it isn't there. Pretend everything's fine, and it will be.

Let's all change our names to Neville Chamberlain and proudly shout "peace in our time!" and it will come.........

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