Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sad but not surprised....

This is no shocker. It shouldn't even be treated as if it was a new idea.

Hillary's campaign is salting the audience and making sure she gets softball questions from the public.

And of course it's been going on since the Clinton phenomenon began. Remember a year or so ago, when Bill was on with Chris Wallace of Fox News, and got questions he didn't like? His face went scarlet, his posture became aggressive and he leaned forward and poked Wallace a couple of times while responding. He was ANGRY, a temper for which he's infamous among people who actually know him.

What brought it on, of course, was a questioning forum in which he wasn't safe, wasn't protected by planning.

And she gets the same benefit, year in and year out.

What should be noted here is not the events themselves, but the fact that she can no longer get AWAY with it. Not only is it a big topic in the media, but even the people who were directed to ask certain questions are now going public with that fact and expressing doubts about Clinton's forthrightness and qualifications for the grandest of offices.

Twenty years ago this would have remained unknown to the public; there were no 'new media' to bring it out. But today's new media has encouraged even the old media to take risks they never took before, just to keep up. And the Clintons are now far from untouchable, as they've been in the past.

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