Saturday, November 10, 2007

This reminds me...

Remember when John Kerry's campaign bus rolled up to a Wendy's restaurant one day in 2004, and the candidate graced the room with his presence?

A soldier (or was it two?) grimaced when he approached. His perfumed and coiffed wife looked at the menu, pointed at a picture of chili, and asked "what's dat?"

A man of the people, that JFK.

The ultimate phoniness of the whole adventure was revealed later, of course. A local five star country club had been engaged to create lunch for the entire bus, and it was waiting on board in paper bags. The Wendy's trip was a headfake; JFK never intended to eat there. He ordered a salad and picked at it.

This served as a reminder to me that rich elitists aren't part of the real world. They don't know what we know, can't function in our environment.

They don't acknowledge, for example, that hard working waitresses deserve to be taken care of.

It's not that they INTENDED to stiff her. That's the kind of mistake the campaign wouldn't let her make on purpose.

But we in the real world tend to think hard enough about our waitresses that we never forget or overlook them at tip time.

And elitists of the ruling class simply don't think like that.

Hillary would probably want to start a government program that paid tips fairly to all waiters and waitresses, so the heartbreak of getting stiffed would never happen again.

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