Friday, November 30, 2007

I did it-- not O.J., Osama....

Osama bin Laden has made a new audiotape, a speech to Europeans, practically begging them to recover the former vigor of their opposition to Bush.

And it isn't just the new tape you've heard about in the news.... bin Laden has a new video circulating in which he proudly claims sole credit for the attacks of 9/11, saying we did it, I'm responsible, I kill their innocents, yada yada.

Note to Troofers-- Unless Osama bin Laden has large ballistic missiles and knows how to carefully demolish buildings, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center were hit by airplanes piloted by al Qaeda members.

Note to anti-Semites like Michael Scheuer-- the Jews DIDN'T do it.

Note to BDS sufferers-- BUSH DIDN'T DO IT.

Bin Laden did it.

Unless, of course, you believe he is part of a conspiracy to make us believe he did it, to take the pressure off the Jews and Bush.

Riiiiight....... (twirling finger around left ear, rolling eyes)

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