Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Great book will make great movie

I just finished "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell, the one man who came back from the gut-wrenching loss of Seal Team 10 in Afghanistan two years ago.

There are no words to describe the intensity of this story; every one of those men deserves a medal of honor in my view, not least Luttrell, who fought and killed many of the enemy while wounded and dying of thirst himself; with help from locals who had integrity and knew good from evil, he returned to his family, 'came back from the dead'....

He'd been shot, he'd fallen off a mountain more than once, he'd been beaten by terrorists while lying wounded, and he'd endured watching the deaths of all of his closest friends.

Now, two years later, he's gone back on active duty with the Seals. He had fractured vertebrae and a broken wrist, among other injuries. He admits he's not as tough as he was before the injuries, but he's still tough enough. He insists on keeping to his contract with the Navy, even though President Bush himself would have let him out of it.

I wept like a schoolgirl reading this thing. (not intended as an offense to schoolgirls)

I immediately wanted to know if it had been purchased by any studios to make a movie of it.

And it has, just in the last month, come out of a bidding war with studios. It was not optioned, it was bought outright. And in that bidding war, Spielberg lost. Universal Studios got it.

That's how big this is going to be.

Is this the first PRO American, pro Iraq war movie? Will there be leftist overtones? Will they cast Cruise or Penn or Robbins or any well known leftists as Seal team members?

Will Michael Moore be cast as an Afghan mountainside?

Peter Berg will direct. He did "The Kingdom" and worked with real Seals on set, and apparently he bonded with Luttrell when they visited.

Stay tuned for more.... :-)

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