Friday, November 2, 2007

Hillary's thesis

I've carelessly lost the links to this, but it's everywhere, and I'm sure industrious readers (are either of you industrious?) will find it.

Hillary's thesis at Wellesley, written at age 21, was inaccessible throughout the Clinton presidency at her request. And I grant that a 21 year old Hillary, like many of us at that age, probably wasn't the wisest or most rational person in the world.

Nonetheless much of what she is can, apparently, be seen in that document, as well as much that is true but that she apparently rejects today.

I've found one quote that bears a look, a comment about public welfare and its downside:

“A cycle of dependency has been created,” she wrote, “which ensnares its victims into resignation and apathy.”

In this she is dead right. And it is the conservative's lament today, that what well could be good and hardworking and capable people are never given the chance to learn just how much they could achieve, because from childhood they are locked in the degrading cycle of accepting public money to get by.

It's just one of the many good reasons to look at poverty through the lens of a vibrant economy rather than a government program. The more active and productive America is, the more jobs are created and the more opportunity exists for people to become self-reliant.

Conversely, the more government programs and taxes there are, the less vibrant the economy will be, and the fewer poor people will ever have the chance to know just what they can do. "Resignation and apathy", in Hillary's own words, are their fate.

Too bad that these days Hillary decries the conservative view she proposed in that paper. Today she claims the people who don't believe in government programs are evil, and want those poor people to remain in misery.

But as she wrote so long ago, it is socialism that distributes misery, not capitalism.

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