Tuesday, November 20, 2007

yet another anecdotal proof....

Hugh Hewitt over at Townhall.com links to this Boston Globe story, a month old now but just appearing in the press....

And the blanket of silence was for good reason. It's about a well known former journalist (who is now a college professor) named Carole Simpson, who rose to the heights of TV journalism, anchoring at ABC and moderating a 1992 presidential debate.

And a few weeks ago, she stood up during a Democrat primary and shouted to get Hillary's attention. She then intoned, "now that I'm no longer a journalist I'm free to speak my mind" and endorsed Hillary for president.

Liberal journalists are obviously not free to speak their minds, not if they wish to maintain the pretense (and that is certainly what it is) of serving the public interest through unbiased presentation of facts.

They are free, however, to choose what stories to cover and what slant to use, and it is through these things that they do indeed speak their minds.

Simpson was so worried that she had fed the conservative beast red meat on the subject of liberal press bias, she actually offered to resign from Emerson College, where she teaches journalism.

They refused her resignation, of course. Can't let a good one go to waste.

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