Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Viva DavoGrande!!

A couple of days ago, I happened to read Gabriel Schoenfeld's blog posts on the wierd guy from CIA, the retired superspy Michael Scheuer.

You'll recall Scheuer wrote a book called "Imperial Hubris", one of a long line of anti-Bush anti-war screeds that decorated the worst-seller lists and TV talk shows during the summer of 2004. You know the routine-- Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill got it going with an anti-Bush book in the spring, Kitty Kelley writes a Bush family expose, Michael Moore releases Fahrenheit 9/11, Bob Woodward writes one of those White House insider books, etc etc etc, all designed to create a media buzz of anti-Bush sentiment right before the presidential election.

Didn't work, of course, as Bush was re-elected by several million votes.

But Scheuer caught my eye at the time, because CIA usually prevents its retirees from disclosing all sorts of information about what they did and what they know. In this case, it was almost as if the CIA commissioned Scheuer to write his anti-Bush screed.

And he was willing, if somewhat less than able. And in the end it made nary a ripple in the pond of public opinion.

Scheuer, apparently, is stark babbling gonzo full-tilt nuts. Schoenfeld has been investigating his history and publishing it on his Commentary Magazine blog, and I happened to make a comment on that blog.

It was not about what Schoenfeld had written there, but about what Scheuer himself had written in the comments section. He's tightly wound, folks... one one occasion he posted THREE comments within a few minutes in response to something Schoenfeld had said. Dude is vibrating like the high E string on my Strat.

My comment was a bit common sense, a bit psychoanalysis, and it might be coincidental that Scheuer stopped writing there after I had left my bit... but it might not. :-)

At any rate, Mr. Schoenfeld, the senior editor of CM, wrote me to congratulate me on having nailed the Scheuer personality disorder, and now he has posted my text as a part of his latest addition to the "Connecting the Dots" series on Scheuer. It's number nine in the series, and Powerline has linked to it. I'm "Dave in Texas", as Mr. Schoenfeld pastes me.

Powerline has many thousands of readers.

This blog has none I'm aware of. :-)

I'm being read by actual readers! Let's hear it for ME!!! heh heh...

I sent a link to my wife, and she responded by pointing out that in my comment I failed to put an apostrophe in the word "it's".

UPDATE-- in the 'comments' section of the Powerline post I linked, someone mentions that Scheuer is Ron Paul's foreign policy guy, and they've done at least one presser together.

The nut, it seems, doesn't fall far from the other nuts. It's all Israel's fault, and Bush's fault for mindlessly supporting Israel. Jews are manipulating world events. They're making fools of us all. Darn Neocons. Jew spies are all around us.

UPDATE II-- I was just reminded that Scheuer is on a unique and very short list of authors, along with the risible Noam Chomsky.

The two were recently recommended reading from none other than Osama bin Laden.

"If you want to understand what's going on and if you would like to get to know some of the reasons for your losing the war against us, then read the book of Michael Scheuer." Thus saith Osama.


Anonymous said...

Just to add my two cents...a good friend of mine has some experience in the intelligence community and was aware of Scheuer's 'Alec Station' back in the pre-9/11 days. As Schoenfeld and others have surmised, Scheuer was likely put out to pasture there and it was not considered a prime, career-enhancing post by CTC insiders. Scheuer is a classic case of 'Wrong guy in the Right place at the Wrong time'. The fact that his book sailed through the pre-publication security review says a lot about the Agency embracing he and his politics after the fact. He should have been fired.
BTW - you have a great blog here! I enjoyed reading...

DavoGrande said...

Thanks very much Anon... the reading is never cramped or crowded here at DavoGrande... in fact I'm shocked if two readers ever even bump into each other... :) but I"m glad you like it.

I'm in the middle of a burst of inspiration, started by chance and fueled by encounters with the real deal... For what, I don't know, but it has the feel of 'its all starting to come together'...

keep reading, and thanks!