Saturday, November 17, 2007

If this doesn't prove it....

... then nothing will.

Our agencies, CIA and NSA and FBI and State and all the rest, are loaded to the gills with fools.

Or worse, traitors.

In that story, you have "Intelligence sources" (who could be Scheuer or McCarthy or even Plame herself) giving snarky comments about how awful CIA is --

"you have to be a saint before you come to CIA, then they train you to be a liar"... this from an 'intelligence source' who presumably is enjoying a nice career doing this very thing while righteously denouncing it beneath the protective canvas of anonymity.

Reminds me of that McCarthy woman at CIA who tried to get away with it, lied to keep her job and her access, claimed not to be a NYT leaker, then when caught she became a woman of principle and defended her espionage.

Have cake, eat it too, then fling it at Bush. Charming. These people are bolted down to the year 1968.

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