Wednesday, November 7, 2007

fake hate crimes = real hate

These days, when we hear of a horrible terrible very bad hate crime, whether it's anti-gay or anti-minority or whatever, the media goes into a frenzy and the country takes a breath and asks itself whether it's come as far as it thought it had...

And then, later, on a back page, we find--


It's a hate crime by liberals, wherein they try to 'prove' America is an ugly racist country, by FAKING acts of racism! They hate conservatives so much, they are willing to lie and cheat and forge to 'prove' conservatives are evil.

The latest is the swastikas on the doors in the major university.

Faked by a liberal student. NO NAZIS THERE. No racists there. Nothing to see here, please return to your homes.

Remember, the nooses at Jena were a prank by white students against other white students, to remind them of a scene from Lonesome Dove. They had NO IDEA that nooses were racist reminders of bad times gone by. The bad times are long ago, and today's kids just don't know anything about them-- AS IT SHOULD BE. As it is.

Until the media comes along.

Anytime a 'hate crime' is committed on a college campus these days, it always seems the actual guilty party is either a college professor or a college student, trying to make it SEEM like conservatives did it.

They are the real haters, folks. Liberals are so intent on being on the moral high ground, they'll fake and lie and cheat to make the other side look bad.... just so they can wag their fingers from on high...

It's contemptible.

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