Friday, December 21, 2007

Weak and pathetic...

So 400 very credible scientists, many of whom were involved in some way with the IPCC report on climate change that Algore is so fond of, have signed off on a letter that says in essence the 'consensus' is a myth, that the science isn't anywhere near settled, and that too many political influences are driving these catastrophic fear-mongering global warming claims.

And the best the Gore camp can do is claim that Exxon Mobil "might have funded" 20 or 30 of them-- a claim which EM denies vigorously.

Nobody ever asks who is funding the ones who insist on the myth.....

Like the previous post says, the consensus argument is over. Global Warming, maybe, and even that is questionable after six years of NON warming and two years of no sunspots, but Man Made Catastrophic Global Warming a la "inconvenient truth" is just speculation, upon which good scientists disagree on scientific principle.

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