Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Sun

Here is a quicktime movie of the sun, one of the several types of imaging with which NASA observes and logs solar flares, sunspots. This video represents the sun exactly eight years ago, December 1999.

Here is a shorter view of the sun today, now, this week.

Remember, the liberals insist that 2001 was the hottest year on record. The math was later corrected by NASA and we learned that 1934 was actually the hottest, and then someone decided it needed MORE correcting and said they were equal. That's from memory as I write this, but it's generally accurate.

So the video from 1999 is representative of increasing global temps, which were to peak only two years later.

Whereas the present day video image comes with a note of caution; sunspots come in 11 year cycles, and the present trough is too long by at least a year. In other words, the next cycle has not begun on time, and at present nobody can say WHEN it will begin.

Or if.

And, inconveniently for Algore, the temperatures are NOT increasing from 2001 to the present, rather they are DROPPING.

Obviously the universe has not read the IPCC report. It is simply not obeying the leftists.

Now you can see with your own eyes that the SUN is amazingly coherent with global temps, that solar activity is very busy when it's hot and NOT so busy when it's NOT so hot.

CO2, of course, is still rising. Nations on average are emitting 18% more greenhouse gases than they did back at the beginning of Kyoto.

Signer nations are emitting 21% more, of course. They are actually increasing emissions at a HIGHER rate than nations which did NOT sign Kyoto.

They're supposed to be DECREASING emissions. That's what they promised to do, and that's what signing Kyoto MEANS.

But no.

American emissions rose only 6.6% during the same period.

The sun causes heat. More solar radiation means more heat. Not complicated.

CO2 does NOT cause heat. We are emitting MORE CO2 but temperatures are DROPPING.

The last time the sunspot cycle halted, for 30 years or so, was a few hundred years ago, and was called the Little Ice Age. Agriculture was rocked, crops didn't grow, and generations starved.

Unless the cycle starts soon, people are going to be BEGGING scientists to figure out how to increase the temperature of the earth.


There is no consensus on manmade catastrophic global warming. Scientists worried about their reputations rather than their grant status are speaking out. The 'consensus' argument is OVER.

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