Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Closer and closer....

Far leftists have spoken of this often, for various reasons....

Bottom line is, in the view of the left, human beings are a liability and a curse on the earth, and the more human beings we bring into the world, the more we should PAY.

So here comes the baby tax.

I wonder if they'll give the Muslims a religious exemption. Seriously. Because from what I've seen, the left is just afraid enough of Muslims to avoid any real contention with them, as doubtless would occur if they were told they must pay to reproduce. It is the will of Allah that new Muslims enter this world in great number, they'd say, and your tax is a blight on Islam and accursed by Allah. The first government agent who tries to collect will lose his head in the transaction, and that will be IT.

Think about it.

In the good old days, children were a blessing and an assurance of the future of a society and a nation. Thats why some European nations are trying to hard to relight the fire of reproduction amongst their citizens, notably Italy. They are looking at population drops, and their socialism will only continue to be funded by the importation of workers,--notably Muslims these days-- with attendant consequences.

And it is the Muslims, primarily, who have not forgotten that children mean the future of a culture. They earnestly and busily reproduce with that in mind.


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