Thursday, December 20, 2007

compare and contrast

As we endure the mindless and/or duplicitous complaints from the left about waterboarding and Gitmo and the cruelty of Dick Cheney and the CIA (except for the noble Valerie Plame) and the American armed forces, it helps now and then to remind ourselves of the DIFFERENCE between us and them.

As I've said for years, I'm still waiting for the discovery of the Bush mass graves... somewhere in Texas, perhaps, or in the Wyoming desert, undiscovered by the courageous New York Times as yet, but one day they'll be found and they'll lead on page one above the fold and Bush will get the calumny and ignominy and prison cell he DESERVES, the evil war criminal!

And the Times will once again be heroes, brave upholders of the high standards of the America they love... whatever that is....

Meanwhile the only stories of torture and murder and fear and misery are coming from the al Qaeda side, blast our bad luck. Oh well, we'll just NOT talk about those, and keep working on finding those Bush mass graves.

The truth is out there, somewhere.

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