Monday, December 10, 2007

Persian Peaceniks

It isn't just the Israelis who are torqued about this stupid NIE treachery--

The Brits aren't too happy with it either
. Apparently they were still working on the basis of reality-- that the Iranians are clever and deceptive and that there is no good reason for them to have given up on their nuclear plans-- and that there is NO DIFFERENCE between a civilian nuclear enrichment program and a military one, especially since they've already finished and deployed their long range missiles. All they need do is assemble a bomb, put it in a warhead, and bolt the warhead to the missile.

And if they've already got the fuel, that's only a matter of a few weeks of work.

And they are STILL MAKING THE FUEL. They've never stopped, and the NIE admits this.

Clearly the entire world understands that the NIE was issued by leftists in the CIA, former Staties who have opposed Bush from the beginning, for the express purpose of preventing him from being able to use American intelligence as a reason for mounting an attack on Iranian nuclear works.

The Brits say that makes the job of containing Iran harder, since they no longer fear an attack from the United States. Forceful diplomacy must have threats behind it or the 'force' part is impotent.

And now the Mad Mullahs are celebrating, certain that America will never attack them, and simply planning for what they think will be the easier stuff, like an Israeli attack-- for which the response will be to destroy Israel. Just like they've planned from the beginning.

I truly wonder if our leftoid agency types want to live in the world they are creating. They seem to believe there's no such thing as evil, and that everything is negotiable.

So did Neville Chamberlain.

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