Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jena back in the news

the kid who was beaten to within an inch of his life has filed lawsuits against the Jena Six and one other kid, and some other people too, including school district worthies.

This news story features a couple of lies/misleading statements regarding the initial incidents.

It claims the beating was preceded by racial incidents, including three white students hanging nooses from a tree.

Surprising that the story didn't declare the tree to be 'whites only'. It wasn't, of course, and students are baffled as to why anyone referred to it that way.

But the story did claim it was racism that hung those nooses, and it did imply that the 'noose incident' precipitated the beatings.

The truth of the matter, as has now been well proven:

The nooses were a joke about the television show 'Lonesome Dove', and the kids who hung the nooses were completely unaware that the noose was any kind of symbol of racism.

They're too young to know, which in my view is wonderful proof of how far we've come.

It was 'goofing around'. They hadn't a clue.

As for the implied cause and effect, the beating took place FOUR MONTHS after the non-racial incident of the nooses, and had NOTHING to do with it. The ringleader of the six has an established record of violent crimes, and the others are no angels either.

Once a set of facts is successfully misrepresented in the major news media, it's over. The truth will NEVER be admitted, and the lies will be told and retold for years.

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dsf said...

Bell's statement at his plea bargain hearing reportedly included his admission that the attack on Barker was unprovoked. The consequences of this confession should ring deep in future plea bargains and the lawsuit filed by Barker's parents.