Saturday, December 1, 2007

Evil Rich Republicans spotted at evil gathering

In the Dallas Morning News today, 12/1/07, written by Christy Hoppe of the Austin bureau, is a story headlined "Cushy Meeting, Tough Season".

It purports to inform the News reader about the Republican Governors' meeting in Dana Point, California, a 'small resort town' which she takes pains to point out is near Richard Nixon's 'western White House' in San Clemente.

Yes, Christy, you've stumbled upon the evil truth; the location near San Clemente was no accident. During a lull in the cushy meeting, some of the members will go up the road and put on their black robes and hoods and and conduct an evil secret ritual Nixon-worship ceremony.

She takes other pains as well--

".. the five star St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort... looks like a dealership for black SUVs.. "

Whereas everyone knows your socially conscious Democrat governor prefers to travel in a bulletproof Prius with very small security guards....

Republican governors are talking about tough campaigns and hard stances, she says, 'punching beyond their soft surroundings'....

Republican governors are 'carrying the burdens of office... and maybe a few golf bags... "

I began to wonder at that point whether the Democrat governors' meeting would be at the Greyhound Bus station in Trenton, New Jersey (great snack-bar food), but of course Christy was ready to enlighten me on that as well....

"Democratic governors will meet for a spring policy confab in Big Sky, Montana in March.. their efforts are somewhat dwarfed by their Republican counterparts in terms of cushy... " Well, what does she expect? Republicans always make better efforts than Democrats. :-)

"the GOP governors traverse long hallways of travertine marble... " (clever girl, using 'traverse' and 'travertine' in the same sentence... she's probably the very first journalist to achieve this... I sure hope her fellow journalists congratulate her on her clever and skillful cleverness and skillfulness.)

"Yes, it's swank, but it also provides ample niches for corporate members ready to jump out and shake their hands..." I know for a fact that the members of MY country club lurk in the art niches waiting for politicians to pass by.. I've SEEN them do it. The fat ones have to remove the statues so there's enough room in the niches for lurking. And most of them are fat.

Unsatisfied with her previous efforts to mock Republican governors for playing golf, she returns to it-- "there is some hard hitting -- including golf balls -- and some straight shooting --- including skeet." Dastardly NRA members, one and all, these evil rich Republican golfer-nors. Gun control means hitting what you aim at, dang it.

The class-warfare dreck continues and worsens-- "... arrived in corporate jets borrowed for them by the governors association.. ", "... endured hardship: the annual state dinner of filet mignon and wine forced many of them to miss the Cowboys-Packers game... ", "manicured hedges, soothing fountains.. bluff views of the Pacific Ocean... "

This exercise in unambiguous wealth-mocking ended with "if the political rookies can survive the election, the association can promise there's a spa treatment waiting for them at the annual meeting". Oh, Christy, now you're sounding just plain jealous. A little mud-pack mud-slinging??

Even for an editorial, this is juvenile and snarky-- but it ISN'T AN OP-ED PIECE.

This is a news story, in the Texas and Southwest section of the Dallas Morning News.

And if THAT isn't outrageous enough for you, she's gotten a basic fact wrong-- everyone knows that evil rich cigar-chomping corporate-jet-flying back-slapping good ole' boy Republican southern redneck Red State governors don't carry their OWN golf bags... I mean, where's the fact checking here?!?!?! They've got illegal aliens carrying those things, doing the jobs Americans won't do.

Christy Hoppe is a walking, talking, typing and sniping example of the overt hard-left media bias that becomes more apparent by the day in our mainstream news outlets. It is no longer a matter of speculation; they seem to have become proud of it, and they are fearless in displaying it.

Another example?

An anchorette on MSNBC this week, talking about Bush and Sarkozy walking together, expressed a mocking adoration of Sarkozy, "who could not have a man-crush on this man?" Then she clarified... "I'm not talkin' about the monkey either, I'm talkin' about the other guy."

Watch and listen on YouTube.

She went further... "you know, the monkey in the middle... ?" And the crew had a good laugh, a bit nervous at going this far but not willing to seriously draw a line and step back from it. Television anchors are now so comfortable with their backroom newsroom Bush-mocking, they're letting it fly on air without hesitation.

Just the two latest examples of the abandonment of any PRETENSE of 'factual neutrality', a canard they've thrown at us for decades to cover this truth; almost everyone in the news business is a Democrat voter and a leftist. Even Fox News is riddled with them, but there they are not the overwhelming majority; that is the ONLY news outfit about which this can be said.

I spent years in Europe watching the BBC and France 2 and CNN International, et j'ai eu beaucoup de colere at the blunt anti-American ugliness and the disrespect they displayed for the President of the United States.

Now our own television news is indistinguishable from the European version.

Let's be clear on this; Fox News was created becuse Murdoch's team saw a need, a desire among TV viewers to see a news channel that didn't act as a PR arm for the Democrat party.

The analysis was correct. Fox News meets a need, so well that it's the highest rated cable news channel in America.

Newspapers across the country are failing to meet the needs of readers and suffering for it, from ad revenue drops and readership reductions and layoffs (although they haven't yet closed the Austin bureau of the DMN). But newspapers also appear defiant and determined to remain liberal outposts and Democrat mouthpieces.

You'd think that in a business with so much money at stake and so many losses in the recent past and looming in the immediate future, the mainstream media would make an adjustment in their product to acknowledge the shift in the wishes of their audience.

Apparently, though, the political message is so important, they're going to go down with the ship.

Good riddance.

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