Friday, December 7, 2007

Once more into the breach

the hurricane forecaster guy is at it again.

After overstating the hurricane potential in the past two seasons, he's predicting another above-average season.

At some point, the average has to be dropping off. :-)

But what really cracks me up about this article is the scientific explanation for fewer hurricanes.

Essentially, they say we WOULD have had more hurricanes except for the cooler water.

Um, isn't cooler water factored into hurricane forecasts? One would think so, since it's the primary cause of them.

Combine this story's unintentional admission that the sea water is cooler with what I read last week about solar activity (pretty much zero right now, for an uncomfortably long period of time), and one might just get the sense that solar activity is the prime dictator of water temperature, therefore of hurricanes. Less sunspots, fewer hurricanes, cooler water... the only thing I'm missing here is the 'warming' part. Not happening.

Remember, the last time sunspots ceased for a long time was called the "little ice age" for a reason. Southern England and western France covered in permafrost for a generation, no crops, mass starvation, etc. It happened a few hundred years back, and there's been no extended time without sunspots since-- until NOW.

The next eleven year sunspot cycle should have started a year ago, and now it's been pushed back in forecast terms to 2009, TWO years late.

The sun makes heat. Sunspots (flares of excess radiation) make MORE heat. No sunspots, less heat, cooler seawater, fewer hurricanes, no global warming, HELLO!?!?! Is anybody out there? This isn't rocket OR climate science here, it's just common sense.

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