Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally, a real world solution

.. I hope it is, anyway.

There is a company making solar panels whose manufacturing cost, and thus retail cost, will make them competitive with traditional sources of electricity.

Is this the breakthrough we conservatives have been waiting for? So far, the solutions have always been more expensive than traditional energy, oil and coal and whatnot, and thus would require taxing people into obedience. That, of course, is economically destructive and makes the solution NOT a solution at all.

But if these panels have any kind of durability at all, I would seriously consider putting them on MY roof, assuming my tyrannical homeowners association would even take my phone call.

I would love to have a self sufficient home, powered without the grid, or at least offsetting the grid so that my expenses drop to near zero.

But I'm not going to spend $150,000 on it, because it would take longer than my remaining lifespan to pay off the investment.

That's just real world economics.

The lowest cost form of energy is the one that will remain the most popular. If some leftist taxes it punitively to make some other source of energy 'cost less', the economic damage will make EVERYTHING cost more. It has to be real, actually less expensive, not falsely so.

And this might do it.

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