Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New to the View...

This is kind of sad.

The View is busily replacing the cast members who for various reasons have been vanishing--

Rosie, Star, the blonde lady..

Now they've got a New View princess named Sherri Shepard, and she's a dunce.

I don't mean to say she's not intelligent, but she (like most dunces) did NOT pay attention in school.

There's a reason the ancient Greeks lived in a time called B. C.

Well, it USED to be called B. C. Nowadays leftists refer to it as B. C. E., Before the Common Era, but what is it exactly that's 'common' to the Common Era?

Oh yeah. That Christianity thing.

It started with the birth of that Christ guy. In the year "zero".

I'm pretty sure the ancient Greeks, Spartans, Minoans, Egyptians, Chinese and a whole bunch of Romans all came and went before then....

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