Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do it for the children....

Fight fundamentalist Islam. For the children.

Children like Aqsa Parvez, who has died in the hospital after being strangled by her own father.

Because she didn't want to wear the hijab, in Canada.

Liberals want to tell us, especially the Christians among us, that all cultures are morally equivalent, and that it's arrogant to claim that ours is superior to any other.

I hereby join the voices of sanity and reason and all that's human in declaring that our culture, rap music and all, is better than fundamentalist Islam.

We have children who are raised badly. We have children who have less than a complete understanding of decency and morality. We have children who are led by our entertainment culture to be promiscuous.

We have lots of problems among our young people.

But we do not, as punishment or for 'justice and honor', MURDER OUR OWN CHILDREN.

(Except at the abortion mill, but then that's not really about the children who die; it's about the guilt-ridden and morally deficient parents who kill them. Another story for another post.)

Therefore, milud, I submit that, as we do not murder our own children to 'redeem the honor of our families', and that in fact fundamentalist Muslims DO murder their own children in order to return to their family state of 'honor', fundamentalist Islam is in fact a markedly inferior culture to our own in MORAL terms.

They are barbaric and cruel and, with the capacity to murder their OWN CHILDREN, they are something like EVIL.

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