Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Liberal hate

We've recently seen a proliferation of racist and Nazi slogans, nooses, swastikas and the like, appearing here and there; student dorm rooms, teaching rooms, even a firehouse which had some racial stress among the staff.

And in every such mystery which has been solved of late, the guilty party has turned out to be a liberal.

It's almost always a student trying to call attention to hate crimes-- by faking a hate crime. Or in one case, a black fireman trying to get his white colleagues into trouble-- by hanging a noose at the firehouse, faking an episode of racism.

One would not be misguided to conclude that actual hate crimes are so rare as to be invisible, while faked hate crimes by people with 'good' intentions are rampant.

Now it's spreading. Here's a story about a teacher, a member of the teacher's union, pretending online to be an evil redneck who hates teachers and thinks they should be killed, and wants to remember Dylan and Klebold as heroes for shooting teachers.

What he was planning to do with this self-created 'dangerous situation' we don't yet know. But one thing is certain--

Nobody hates teachers. So his premise was foolish.

As is the premise of every liberal who believes our nation is overrun by hate crimes and racism and brain-dead rednecks shouting yee hah and guzzling beer and using the N word in jokes and so forth and so on... we saw caricatures of such people in more than one CNN YouTube question during the recent Republican debate (remember the goofballs with the guns and the dixie flag?), but tellingly there were no realistic and believeable ones.

They would have put them on the air if they had received them, you can count on that.

yes, there are such people, but they're a relic of times long past-- like a liberal who believes in strong national defense.

You'd think they'd be able to find one or two contemporary examples on which to hang their tinfoil hats, but no. They have to make them up in order to point fingers at them. The actual hate is in their own hearts, not in the America they see.

There will always be a bit of racial tension. People are easily made uncomfortable by that which is different from themselves. One cannot ask people to NOT be people. But most of us do a darn good job with this concept; racism as such hasn't been endemic to our general population for twent years or more. I'm almost fifty, and I can't remember the last time anyone I know said the N word in casual conversation, not because they're afraid of legal action but because it isn't part of the vocabulary of life in my generation.

Nevertheless, every time some liberal fakes a hate crime to 'raise awareness of hate crimes' (that aren't really happening), the MSM dutifully throws out the story, so everyone in America thinks for a couple of days that another hate crime has been committed.

And you have to look HARD to find the follow-up story later, the one that makes the earlier story look like foolishness.

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