Saturday, December 1, 2007

Condi the Palestinian

So Condi Rice knows what it's like to be a Jew. I'll buy that. American black people suffered many generations of persecution and violence, and it would be nitpicking to try to differentiate between the two; suffering is suffering and evil is evil.

But Condi "knows what it's like to be a Palestinian"????

Does she support the murder of white children and old men in shopping malls as an adjunct to gaining civil rights for blacks? Has she killed any white people herself, or voted for anyone who has done so or declared their intention to do so? Is she dedicated to the eradication and/or banishment of white people from Mississippi or Alabama, because of past injustices?

Instead of commissioner of the NFL, she should become the leader of the Black Panthers. Then we’d be sure she knows what it’s like to be a Palestinian.

In the Annapolis opening statement, Bush intoned that terrorism would not be accepted "whether from Palestinian or Israeli".

Leaving aside for the moment whether the Israelis have EVER practiced terrorism against the Palestinians, the conference went forward without any assurance from any party that they would even TRY to stop terrorism.

Abbas is the leader of Fatah. Fatah commits and sponsors more attacks against Israel than Hamas does! Fatah policemen had plotted to assassinate Ehud Olmert when he went to visit Abbas prior to this conference!

This is madness, and it will end badly. Bush and Rice appear to believe the leftist tripe that absence of war is the best possible condition of humanity.

History shows us that acting on this belief inevitably leads to the war they try to avoid. Human nature will not be denied.

I read somewhere that Arafat chose "Fatah" as the name of his party because the actual initials spelled out "Hataf" and that means "devil". The point will remain apocryphal until such time as I stumble across the item I originally read. :-)

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