Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The comfort zone of the truly intellectual

Thanks to my friend Ixman for finding THIS.

Christopher Hitchens, for all his inexplicable godlessness, is one of the most brilliant men I've ever heard. He likes to go on television and radio programs and put down the dimwitted with casual flicks of his rhetorical blade, and occasionally a wave of a blade of a different kind.

Note, as you watch, that the audience really does hesitate when Hitchens points out that making five "Bush is stupid" jokes every night on TV is easy, that anyone can do it, that it is now just a joke for people who haven't the skill do better. And Bill Maher is actually silenced, seemingly shamed by Hitch's cutting truth.

And when he points out that Bush is in fact more intelligent than any in the audience, the sound is decidedly mixed. Some people in that audience know it, no matter how loudly they participate in the Bush jokes. Hitchens slams an axe blade between trivial entertainment and actual hard reality here, and the crack of the leftard shield is loud and clear.

Support for cheesy liberal entertainment/propaganda may be a mile wide, but it absolutely is an inch deep. We need more men like Hitchens, willing to tell the truth and take the arrows, smiling all the way. An awful lot of people who think they're liberals actually aren't, and the more they're reminded of it by skilled men like Hitch, the less they'll be taken in by the happy hopeful change-ish talk.

Limbaugh says most people live as conservatives and raise their kids that way, even if they don't vote conservative or even understand that they share conservative values. But when you hit them with obvious truth, they feel it in their bones; they understand.

This audience knows the truth and is made to hesitate by Hitchens when he gives it to them on the tip of his finger. They know.

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