Monday, February 18, 2008

First time for everything

Michelle Obama has now said that 'for the first time' (speaking of the possibility of Barack becoming president) "I can be proud of my country."

Let's see, billions given from the pockets of private citizens for the tsumani relief in 2004, billions given from private citizens to help in New Orleans, space missions, scientific achievements, the dismantling of the Soviet Union, "tear down this wall", and dozens and dozens more good reasons to be proud of America since she reached adulthood in the early '80's. None good enough for her, of course. No, the only thing that would make an educated, successful attorney from Chicago who entered university management as a second career PROUD of her country is--

If it elected a black man president.

No better irony could be manufactured than what is available now; George W. Bush is days into a visit to Tanzania, working out charity and benefit packages to cut down on malaria deaths and improve education and so forth. Bush is welcomed with music and cheering as he tours Africa and promises American help. Many billions of dollars will flow into Africa and the benefits are accruing daily, in better lifes and in increased hope for the future.

And back in America? Well, if you're Michelle Obama, Bush is evil, America is anti-black and racist, Michelle Obama has never been proud of her nation for anything its done, until at least this nation makes HER first lady.

If she truly has never been proud of this country until Barack wins, she has holes in her history and philosophy you could drive a Peterbilt through. She skipped class during that top notch education, and passed the bar in Illinois on looks alone, apparently.

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