Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One more example...

Not so many decades ago, the mainstream media (all three channels) had a total lock on what we heard and knew and believed.

Today, there are thousands of sources of information, and some are pleasantly surprising in their choice of topic and presentation.

Reason dot TV makes use of the humor of Drew Carey to puncture yet another MSM balloon, that of the 'middle class squeeze' in our economy. Woe is us, we can barely get by, life is hard if you're not a corporate fatcat, yada yada.

It's obvious, it's simple, and it's brilliant. And it is the OPPOSITE of what you hear on television every night, as you will see.

What Carey does not conclude is just as significant; there is a REASON the media does stuff like this. Looks to me like they are somehow invested in public discontent, particularly in the Bush administration.

HT Instapundit.

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