Sunday, February 17, 2008

Proof they think we're stupid

If you've ever wanted to see absolute, incontrovertible proof that the media believes the masses are easily led, check this out.

Rioting continues in Denmark, obviously a result of the Danish newspapers' choice to reprint the Mohammed cartoons 'out of solidarity and in the name of free speech'.

There can be no doubt even to the most casual observer that this is Islamic rioting, burning of Danish flags, death to America, death to Israel, car burnings, yada yada. No surprise, no mystery.

Unless you're Reuters.

If you're Reuters, 'police can give no reason' for the rioting, and it might have been because schools are on winter break and the weather is unseasonably warm.

Bored kids, global warming. The two great causes of rioting, if you're Reuters.

MORONS. FOOLS. COWARDS. At least the Danes had the guts to reprint the cartoons; Reuters doesn't even have the guts to mention Islam while reporting on this riot.


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