Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hamas attacks books

Hamas nasties have now shoved their way into a library and blown it up.

Thousands of books are on fire. The computer terminal survived, because THAT bomb didn't go off.

Why would Hamas attack a library?

It was the library in the YMCA, the Young Men's CHRISTIAN Association.

Non-Muslim knowledge. Evil. Must be destroyed. May lead the faithful astray.

God save us from religious zealots, the REAL kind. You don't see many book burnings these days over here in America, let alone book BOMBINGS. I guess our "religious zealots" aren't holding up their end of things, compared to Islamist religious zealots.

Or maybe ours have some sense of propriety, humility, allegiance to the rule of law, self-restraint, you know..... the stuff of civilisation.

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