Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens and congress

UPDATE: I fear I haven't made myself clear, so I'll sum it up.

When congress holds a hearing like this one with Clemens and MacNamee, they reveal themselves to be stupid, vain, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, dimwitted and utterly incompetent.

Just in case their performances of regular congressional duties don't make it clear, this hearing did. These people are a national embarrassment. This hearing was cringeworthy.


Well, after twice switching off the TV for fear I'd throw something at it, I have some conclusions:

Roger Clemens is to be commended for not going over the podium and thrashing Waxman at the end. I could see the veins bulging on Roger's temples as Waxman exercised the ax and fascia of Imperial power at his expense.

I cannot say for sure whether Clemens is telling the truth, but it's obvious to me that the only evidence anyone has against him is the words of a man who has told six different stories on this subject and is a known liar on a variety of topics. Brian MacNamee is a weasel, an amoral and self-promoting snake trying to make a fast buck by prostituting himself in a variety of ways, ingratiating himself with athletes by providing what they shouldn't be asking for.

MacNamee is a colossal weasel. Clemens was consistent from the beginning in his assertions that he's never used performance enhancing drugs. Everything that makes us pause about his story ultimately comes down to MacNamee's word, and his word is no good.

Clemens had to sit through the most pointless exercise imaginable, suffering the bloviations of some of the most vain, arrogant, self-aggrandizing and mediocre people I've ever seen in this life.

At one point he was being 'questioned' (he was being accused of lying, in the FORM of a question), and when he attempted to correct his 'questioner', he was told to stop talking, because he was using up the questioner's time!

I can't remember the name of that congressman, but he is the one who once claimed that over 200 million Africans were thrown overboard and eaten by sharks during the slave trade.

Of course logic tells us the vast majority of slaves made the voyage and were sold in Europe and America. This means that billions of slaves were traded, if you buy the story about the sharks and the 200 million.

And yes, in those days there were not even 1 billion people on this earth.


Idiots, I should say. Vain. Arrogant. Self-loving, self-aggrandizing. Mediocre to the point of pain. These people are politicians because not ONE of them could MAKE it in the business world. Too stupid, too lazy, too incompetent.

God help me, I'm afraid people overseas are accidentally watching this kind of spectacle, and theyve been given a damn good reason to suspect that America is a bunch of dimwits who shouldn't be in charge of anything.

A sad end to a great career for the Rocket. But of course nobody's proven anything, and he can go to his grave claiming he was innocent.

MacNamee's doubtless planning a book (he has a sick child and needs money, which he now will not be able to earn), and trying to clear the way for his future written assertions about Roger's guilt. Roger is equally busy trying to make sure none of this sticks, for obvious reasons, including future Hall of Fame votes.

A stupid waste of congressional time, television time and my attention.

/end rant.

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