Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to put it best


Well, someone wrote him a good speech anyway. :-)

Sounded like the kind of thing that will win over the majority of anti-McCain conservatives, provided of course that he keeps the ship on the course he just gave us.

He made many specific promises, among them never to sign a bill with an earmark in it.

He says he now knows our opposition to the immigration bill was based in principle, defending the rule of law. Would have been nice if he'd admitted that DURING the battle. Instead we heard stuff from Trent Lott and Lindsay Grahamnesty about how we're the LOUD people, WE are the problem... and we all know that Grahamnesty is attached to McCain's rear end like a lamprey. If McCain is serious, the borders might actually get some real attention.

Nothing in this speech to raise my annoyance level any higher than it already was, and some good stuff.

Provided he keeps to it.


I finally figured out how to express myself over this McCain thing.

My dislike of John McCain is nothing more than the REFLECTION of HIS dislike of ME.

Almost everything he's said, done and taken responsibility for over the past several years has not just been against my beliefs in general, but seemed to be deliberately provocative of people like me, as if to say "you don't even deserve the respect of good faith opposition; you're just stupid."

McCain is vain, angry, contemptuous. He still turns the air blue at age 72, which really puts off those of us who have already dealt with the immature habit of foul language and are still 25 years younger than he is. Foul language is a sign of selfishness and immaturity and ego. He's way too old to talk like that. Especially when he uses it most often against people who are making the argument for my views.

McCain dismisses me breezily, and if I speak up, he snaps at me with F-bombs.

That's not a guy I feel good about, not a guy I want carrying my flag into the great social and philosophical battles of our time.

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