Monday, February 11, 2008

bilingualism shows moral superiority... right?

We're told over and over that it's racism on our part if we object to bilingualism, teaching immigrant children in their own language, offering business and services on their terms and in their language, so they don't bother to learn ours.

We defend our own culture and we're told that's racist and evil. Keeping the brown man down. We defend our sovereignty and the rule of law and we're chided as cruel and backward-- by the president of MEXICO.

Well, now the Egyptians are declaring that teaching a foreign language to students of their universities would be destructive to their culture.

Never mind the fact that they teach many foreign languages already in Egyptian schools. This particular one is apparently just too much.

You see, the Israeli ambassador to Cairo has requested that Hebrew be taught in Egyptian schools.

Not gonna happen.

Now I"m officially holding my breath waiting for American liberal leftists to complain about the Egyptian stance, insisting that it's only appropriate for countries that share a border to be bilingual so cultures can be in contact and economics can improve, for the sake of the poor.

After all, It's not a COUNTRY; it's a REGION, the Middle East, and everyone should move freely and speak all the languages.... right? If borders are enforced and languages are stamped out in certain areas, hardship will follow, and the poor will be among the hardest hit.


Still waiting for the Viva Israel cries, the blue and white signs hoisted high in rallies and protest marches, the sympathetic voices singing the Egyptian national anthem in Hebrew, the---

Never mind. Egypt will get the benefit of the doubt, and will be permitted by libs to maintain THEIR cultural monopoly and their hard-edged borders policy.

But Los Estados Unidos is still evil and wrong.

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