Friday, February 8, 2008

Caterpillar-brow strikes again


How long until the Church of England, the official state bastion of Christianity in the British Isles, is led by its titular head the Starched Bishop of Canterbury into banning bibles from services for fear of offending Muslims?

Or banning women from the church unless they're 'covered'?

Of course, at present he is only talking about matters of state, not the Church in particular, but the path is inevitable as he himself lays it out.

Sharia law is the future of Britain, in his view, and piecemeal implementation should be taken up for consideration immediately.

Rowan Williams believes that it's bad for society to force a constitutional system of law on those parts of it which do not accept such things. But how is a group which does not accept constitutional law in a democracy a "part of society"? It's not. It's a virus, a bit of foreign matter inflaming the rest until something awful breaks out.

If Williams believes giving British muslims their own law system and excusing them from the one everyone else must follow will lead to a more integrated and open society, he's out of his bloomin' mind.

Britain will simply become a series of tribal enclaves connected by motorways. And the local imams in the Sharia sections will descend on the motorways in their neighbourhood and try to impose a tax on passing vehicles.

But seriously, you cannot have a constitutional democracy if segments insist on decoupling from the constitution and using their own very different set of laws. The very points a constitution is supposed to address (women's rights comes to mind, and human rights in general) are cast aside in favor of 'getting along' and 'avoiding friction'.

So in Britain, they have an official state Church, but its leadership is abrogating the defense of Christianity and instead leading the charge to destroy it.

Over across the channel in France, the wonderful old enlightened secular government was built on the premise that religion has no place in it, and matters of faith are not matters of state in any way.

Until, that is, some muslims win some local and regional elections.

One way or another, Europe is in deep doo doo here.


John Rich said...

Dave, there's no doubt that the Archbishop gives the Anglicans a(nother) black eye. As if they needed it.

The important point is that Europe, most especially including Britain, is becoming, in the title of Bat Ye'or's book, Eurabia.

Christian Europe is a thing of the past; having become secularized. It's the unassimilated Muslims who now practice their faith, and dhimmis like Williams who enable them.

A small point about women being covered. St. Paul, in 1 Corinthians 11:5-6 more or less mandates that women be covered in church. That this is no longer the custom in most churches doesn't change the original requirement, if one is a Bible-believing Christian.

DavoGrande said...


Women being covered can reasonably be said to mean that women should take care not to sexualize themselves for church, for obvious reasons.. the kind of hard edged literalism you're talking about is more like Islam than Christianity..

I am not a theologian or seminary grad, but it seems logical to me to interpret the things which are culture-specific less literally than the things which are faith-specific, i.e. Christ's sacrifice of Himself to pay the price for my sins...

"cover your women" means don't display them salaciously... and of course only in Islam is a bare ankle taken as a sexual provocation.