Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ABC tries to put white sheets over innocent Texans

This is appalling.

A news crew hires two actors, one to play a covered Muslim woman and another a redneck store clerk who shows loud and angry prejudice to her.

The bystanders, customers in this store, are BEING SECRETLY FILMED by the ABC crew, who clearly are trying to catch people supporting the 'clerk' to show how Americans are prejudiced against Muslims.

Two things come to mind--

Why can't they find a REAL example of anti-Muslim prejudice? Why did they have to manufacture such an elaborate scene? Seems to me there are enough women in this country who cover themselves in public that ABC should be able to just secretly film THEM to catch people 'hating'. But of course if they did that, the fathers and husbands of those women would be just a bit irritated at the news crew. Not to mention they would be filming and waiting a LONG TIME, because there just isn't that much anti-Islam sentiment in this country. Lots of people are concerned about radical Islamism, but most people, even here in Texas, don't care what religion you are or what you're wearing.

Why did they go to TEXAS? Anybody think the ABC people might have thought they stood a better chance of finding what they were looking for down here in cowboy country? Anybody think Dubya has anything to do with this witch hunt? Might ABC News be holding a bit of animus against you and me, the good folks of Texas?

You can find the same redneck attitude in the same small number of Arkansans (nah, Clinton is from there), Louisianans (nah, Democrats run the place), New Mexicans (nah, Bill Richardson is governor there), and so forth and so on. But they chose Texas, deliberately, to try to add another thin layer of guilt to the people of this state for voting Republican.

This is, of course, a complete insult to everyone who lives in this state. Texans don't have any larger percentage of people who have biases against other cultures than the 49 other states do. But we talk in this funny accent, you see, and some of us have cowboy boots on and drive pickup trucks with rifles in the back windows, or Bush/Cheney 2004 stickers, or both.

I'd like to see them set up a secret crew in Dearborn, MI., and stand a fake white guy preacher on the street corner with a bible and a megaphone shouting "Jesus saves!" and then get the responses of the passing Arabs on video. Think you might find some cultural bias at work amongst the good people of Dearborn?

Assuming the fake preacher survives long enough to make a 2 minute news package out of the results.

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