Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If PBS says it

It must be true.

The Marines at Haditha are innocent of murder or any other evil act, and were simply doing the best they could with the information they had at the time-- set up, as they were, by bad guys trying to make them look like they committed a massacre.

At least that's the conclusion that the most ardent leftists in broadcasting, the folks at PBS, have come to.

If PBS can offer a program that concludes our Marines are hardworking guys in a profession fraught with danger who must make split second decisions about the lives of locals, the lives of their men and fighting bad guys, then why can't Jack Murtha admit he was wrong?

If our military courts can throw out the charges against the Marines over Haditha, why can't congressman Murtha admit he was wrong when he called our men 'cold blooded killers'?

Thus far there is no public record of any journalist asking him this question. One intrepid student followed him with a camcorder and asked it, last year. Murtha ducked into an elevator and closed the door without answering.

For a former Marine, that guy is vile, venal and cowardly. I'm honestly surprised some vet hasn't already taken it upon himself to give Murtha a much-deserved a$$-kicking. His entire life is a continuing insult to our men in uniform.

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