Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yet another proof...

... that the classical western education is now extinct.

Ann Coulter ruffles feathers again, by stating Christian doctrine to a liberal Jewish media guy on CNBC.

The guy assumes she is advocating the end of Jewry, and compares her to Ahmadinejad for it. Myopic and indicative of a narrow and misdirected world view.

But she is simply saying what the New Testament says, albeit not in the most diplomatic or educational way.

But the problem here is not the needlessly confrontational Coulter; she is simply being true to form, presenting the world with facts and realities that these days it does not wish to consider or even see.

Deutsch is the real eye-opener here. He has absolutely no comprehension of the theological reality she presents him, and he instantly chooses to be insulted and provoked by her language rather than try to think about what she is saying.

He claims to be a practicing Jew, but if that's true than he is certainly missing some classes and sermons at the very least.

If anyone really wants to understand Christian theology, and how lucky Donny Deutsch is to be a Jew, I'll be happy to try to explain it as best I can.

Only not here. Too long, too boring-- unless you really really want to know. :-)

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