Wednesday, October 24, 2007

British "Conservatives"

I am sufficiently jaded these days to say confidently that it's hard to shock me.

But this shocks me.

British conservatives are, apparently, not.

It's bad enough that so many erstwhile American conservatives are so hungry to fill our nation with legal illegals, to give them drivers' licenses and welfare and privileges even citizens don't receive.

Now British conservatives are making anti-Israel stances a matter of party policy. The Conservative Muslim Forum, a large and influential group within the conservative party, has issued a paper of policy which can be assumed to have strong influence with party leadership. We've been blindly supporting Israel, they say, and it's made 1.5 billion Muslims angry with us. We've got to see their side and be tough with Israel. We've got to stop calling terrorists Muslims, because Islam forbids terrorism and our language matters.

These are CONSERVATIVE policy recommendations, folks, according to the document. It speaks optimistically of a future position of power for conservatives, leadership in government, etc.

But I seriously doubt conservatives will ever find themselves governing as long as they do not denounce this CMF paper. It is just too much to tell the real conservatives, the citizens of the heartland, to abandon the Israelis to the butcher knives for no good reason and to placate the Islamofascists by giving them treatment they have not earned and do not deserve.

Remember, it isn't the violence by the few that tells the story; it's the lack of clear and consistent statements by the mainstream Muslims AGAINST the violence.

It's complicated, of course. Some fear the jihadists so much they're afraid to speak out against violence. It's the old "we know where you live" thing.

But I'm afraid the evidence is that most mainstream nonviolent Muslims simply don't disagree with the overarching principle that it is the Muslim's duty to work for a future Islamic government wherever they are. They might not personally commit or endorse violence, but they do not speak against it, and that is the tell.

The sanitizing of violence involves changing the public perception, making it seem that violence is a response to an original provoking act of violence. That's why, of course, so much hay is made of the occasional clenched fist of Israel-- a fist which is made necessary in the first place only by Islamic violence!

If any British conservative voter should happen by this blog, please lodge a protest against Cameron and the coinservative leadership on my behalf. Israel is a functioning liberal democracy of six million, many of whom are Arabs, a tiny spot of sanity in a sea of dictatorships and Islamic fundamentalist sewers with moribund economies and citizens who cover their women and live in fear.

Support of Israel is the only decent response to any reading of the history of the past hundred years. I do not pretend they've not made mistakes; nevertheless their history cries out of sanity and decency and civility under incredibly difficult circumstances. Would that one could say the same of ANY neighbouring nation.

The English are famous for being of two minds about Israel; they were the most helpful of the Euro empires back in the founding days of the early 20th century, and yet they were never faithful to the notion. They changed their minds often, withdrawing support when the Jews needed it and counted on it, making it harder than it needed to be. And of course, by the 1930's the British had taken many steps to prevent Israel from coming into being-- this after the Balfour paper had clarified their SUPPORT for it only ten years before!

Today, sadly, the conservative party of Britain has revealed that it is considering taking the side of the left regarding Israel. Clearly the Muslims have begun a serious effort to turn the heads of the 'other' party in Britain.

Cameron should be ashamed, and Israel should be afraid.

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