Monday, October 22, 2007

Gritty reality

Here is yet another example of the phoniness of the left.

It's small in itself, but it's telling-- not only in the truth of it, but in how the left will doubtless respond to this knowledge.

James Lipton is the erudite and oh so perfectly turned-out host of the Actors' Studio. It's a sort of live shrine to actors and movies, wherein Lipton invites famous actors onto his set for interviews and insight. Lipton himself is well-spoken to the point of foppishness, and when the show goes High Def I have no doubt you'll be able to see his cuticles are pushed back and his handkerchief is ironed.

The actors love this show, because Lipton and his audiences universally adore whichever Hollywood elitist shows up to get his strokes. The show I enjoyed the most was the Simpsons' cast show, during which they were asked to do their character voices and obliged most humorously. But almost all the shows are boring love-fests wherein the actor/actress is fed grapes and massaged continuously.

Now we learn, and it isn't clear why we are learning it, that Lipton was a penniless American in the streets of Paris (why, again we are not told) when he was young-- and that he resorted to the sex trade to make a living.

Apparently his girlfriend, or at least a friend, was a prostitute, and invited him to be her "mec", which is French slang for "guy" or "dude", with all its concomitant connotations in the Rue Pigalle. He did the administrative work, the preparatory appointment-making and so forth, and accompanied her to her 'shows' or renseignements.

He excuses himself by crying poverty, of course. Morality takes a back seat to economics in liberal-land, as we often see when they say that 'poverty causes terrorism'.

Now that this news is out (and again, it isn't clear why this is now public knowledge), expect the left to make of Lipton a sort of hero, a man who achieved his foppish haut couture by dragging himself up off the mean streets of Paris, a role model for all liberals who want to become elitist pandering fops themselves. Which is all of them.

Heck, the story itself (AP, on ABCACTIONNEWS.COM) claims that Lipton is "revered" TV presenter. And I think he is.

But not by normal people. To us, he's exactly the kind of guy who perpetuates the stupid idea that actors are wonderful, perfect, superior people and that we the grimy public are anxiously laughing at their every joke and hanging on their every word.

Lipton is phony. He's high culture, he's the man who turns a perfect phrase, he's polished and charming and...

Yuk. He's no better than you or me, folks. And probably worse.

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