Friday, October 19, 2007

Same old story, still written in Mandarin

Not so long ago the press was awash (but not as much as it should have been) in stories about Chinese involvement with Clinton campaigns.

Legally dubious deals where American tech companies gave China important information that has helped them modernize their military and undertake a space program? Sure. Chinese arms dealers donating to Clinton campaigns? Mm hmm... Chinese spies involved in Silicon Valley and White Sands? Yep. Chinese and Indonesian money men wheeling and dealing for favors in return for donations? but of course.

So why would we be shocked, shocked to find that Chinese involvement with Hillary is on that same level?

We're not. Norman Hsu was our first clue, but now there are hundreds-- hundreds of campaign donors who cannot be found and whose manual labor low-paying jobs would preclude their being able to afford four figure donations.

Remember back in the '90's, when Gore collected a paper bag full of money (over $200k) from a Buddhist monastery in L.A.? From hundreds of monks who have sworn a vow of poverty?

This isn't much different.

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