Sunday, October 21, 2007

famous last forecasts....

Tim Blair has a note on this little tidbit about Gullible Warming.

Here is the Telegraph's (UK newspaper) March outlook on British summer weather for this past season-- hot, dangerously so, hotter than ever, sweltering, flowers will die, as will people.

And here is the Met office's summary of how the weather actually was over the previously mentioned British summer of 2007. Cooler than average.

File this with the horrible, terrible, very bad forecasts of ginormous dreadable hurricanes coming our way in 2006. You'll recall it turned out that we had just about half as many named Atlantic storms that summer as we did the year before.

The Gullible Warming crowd is at it again. But even the AP is hedging its bets on the coming American winter, as the last paragraph reveals--

across the country, according to NOAA's heating degree day forecast, December through February will be 2.8 percent warmer than the 30-year norm, but still 1.3 percent cooler than last winter.

So this winter will be warmer than usual, except that it will be cooler than it was last year.


Now rush out and buy a Prius right away. And a sackful of carbon offsets while you're at it.

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