Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I tried the link to the Christian Science Monitor on Michelle Malkin's site today, but it wouldn't connect.

So I'll just link to her page and you can read her account of the media myths surrounding the Jena 6 story from earlier this year.

Irony abounds, considering how far the real story varies from the media's reporting of it.

Most ironic, though, is the bit about the nooses hung from the tree.

The truth? It was white kids playing a prank on other white kids by evoking a scene from "Lonesome Dove". These kids had NO IDEA that a noose was an unpleasant reminder of violent racism in America's past. When they found out, they were HORRIFIED, and rushed to apologize to everyone they knew who might have been offended.

That's right-- we are so far removed from the racist history of Louisiana and of this country, this newest generation has no idea about it. No clue. As it SHOULD BE.

If anything, this story should be used to prove that we are NOT the racists we used to be, that our efforts at removing racism from this nation are WORKING. How else could we raise a generation that had no idea the noose was a Klan warning to black people in the south 60 years ago?

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